I'll be completely honest, I'm a transparent woman.

CREATE was an idea thought of when I was eighteen and a senior in high school back in 2016. I developed a love for clothing and fashion, had gone through college and bounced around with majors and ultimately dropped out. Fast forward seven years into 2023 and I'm twenty-five starting my brand finally. My name is Tahnaree (Tah-nar-ee) Evans and I'm the brand owner for CREATE! Based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Dorchester specifically. I really wanted to start it because of my love for fashion and to design clothing as well as inspiring others to make and do what they love. If you truly want to make it come to life, put that love, energy, and effort in and create it. 

To you the reader, I say thank you to purchasing, looking through my website, joining, or even just stopping by to read my story and coming back later. I'm grateful.

Appreciate all of you always. 

- T (This what I love to be called)